AI Drug Discovery Services

Harness the power of BioAI’s PredictX Platform for disease modeling and drug target identification. Expedite your drug development process with our AI drug discovery services.

Accelerate Breakthroughs

Disease modeling and target identification are the most crucial initial steps in drug discovery. They influence the probability of success at every step of drug development. Traditional target identification is a time-consuming process that can easily take years.

BioAI’s PredictX platform uses the latest AI techniques and models the causal relationship between different biological instances, such as driver and response genes. The resulting dependency networks are the basis to facilitate disease modeling, drug target discovery, and drug target selection. 

Services for Drug Target Discovery  

BioAI performs studies for you that identify potential drug targets and provide insights for drug target selection.  Our interdisciplinary team of data scientists, translational scientists, and pathologists combines industry expertise and BioAI’s advanced AI to expedite R&D.

Accelerate research timelines, unlock novel drug targets, enhance your clinical programs, and experience the future of precision medicine today.

Investigational New Drug Development

BioAI provides hypothesis generation for mechanism of action. In-silico disease modeling is crucial for successful drug development, offering comprehensive insights into the drug’s molecular targets and biological pathways.   

This service involves quantifying and correlating thousands of genes in control and treatment samples to understand how a drug candidate elicits its pharmacological effects, providing actionable insights for clinical applications.