Precision Medicine
with Multimodal AI

At BioAI, we are developing world-leading
machine learning technology to map the causal biology of disease, develop digital biomarkers, and identify novel drug targets, for the development of better medicine.

Optimize Your Approach from Drug Discovery to Clinical Development

AI Biomarker Services 

Consistently identify genetic mutations within histopathology images using novel AI testing

AI Drug Discovery Services 

Identify drug targets
for driver genes of cancer
using BioAI’s unique

Data Sourcing Services 

Gain access to digital and biospecimen samples, sourced from BioAI’s clinical data network

Experience the Future of Precision Medicine

Partner with BioAI, accelerate your path in clinical R&D, and leverage the novel capabilities of our AI services: 

Why Choose BioAI for Your R&D Journey

AI Pioneers

Access BioAI's PredictX-Platform featuring world-leading multimodal technology, including Causal AI and in-silico phenotype projection. Understand disease biology, create sustainable AI models, identify causal dependencies and drug targets, and speed up drug approval processes.

Cross-Disciplinary Expertise

We’re not just another tech startup. Our team is led by industry experts, each with 25+ years of experience. With world renowned AI expertise and profound knowledge of drug development processes and biomarker programs, BioAI has established successful partnerships throughout Biopharma.

Innovative Digital Biomarker Solutions

Build novel precision diagnostic assays. Expand access to eligible patients for clinical studies using H&E-based screening that is rapid, globally accessible, and cost-efficient. Match patients to the most effective therapies. High fidelity, high definition. 

Data Security & Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of data security in this industry. We handle patient data and research with the utmost care and confidentiality, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. When working with our partners, we promise peace of mind.