BioAI Welcomes Expert Digital Pathologist Dr. Michael Bonham to Executive Team

Accomplished Chief Medical Officer joins executive team for emerging Biotech company to propel digital pathology outcomes forward

BioAI Health, an emerging leader in the development of AI/SciML-driven predictive testing to improve cancer treatment and outcomes, announced the addition of Michael Bonham MD, PhD to the growing BioAI executive team, where he will be joining as Chief Pathologist and Executive Medical Director. Dr. Bonham will oversee all of BioAI’s pharma-sponsored digital biomarker programs and help expand the company’s growing pathology network.

“We’re thrilled to have Dr. Bonham join our team to support our expanding digital biomarkers business,” said Thomas Colarusso, CEO and Cofounder at BioAI. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing novel molecular diagnostic tests and digital pathology applications in Oncology.”

Dr. Michael Bonham is an innovative board-certified anatomic pathologist dedicated to understanding digital pathology, AI, and genomics and help lead the convergence of these rapidly evolving technologies towards redefining the future of healthcare and medicine.

“The transformative changes brought by AI technology are now impacting all aspects of our lives,” said Dr. Bohman. “The healthcare space presents certain unique challenges and opportunities incorporating AI into patient care that will change how we think about data. I am excited to join an early-stage company in the space with such a seasoned experienced executive management team to help lead this change.”

Over the last decade, Dr. Bonham has developed specific expertise in the clinical applications of digital pathology software, laboratory automation, and diagnostic test development. His previous roles include Chief Medical Officer at Proscia, Head of Pathology at Driver, and Clinical Director of Pathology at Genomic Health. He completed his pathology training at the University of California, San Francisco including specialty fellowships in surgical pathology and genitourinary pathology. He received his MD and PhD in Genomic Sciences from the University of Washington.

“At BioAI, we have the ability to bring together digital pathology images, molecular results and clinical data into workflows that will generate novel insights and improve patient access to the newest trials and therapies,” said Dr. Bonham. 

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