Bio-AI Use Case

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Bio-AI Use Case: Real-World Evidence
  • We have access to broad range of biospecimens 
    • Solid tumor blocks, plasma & peripheral blood
      • NSCLC, SCLC, RCC, CRC, Breast Cancer etc. 
    • Archival and prospective collections
    • Characterized via Pathology and Molecular analysis 
      • HE & IHC stained digital pathology images
      • Whole exome sequencing, NGS targeted panel
Bio-AI Use Case: Lung Cancer PathML

Bio-AI developed an automated pathology machine learning algorithm for detecting Non small cell lung cancer  

tissue cell conditions
Tumor Region Annotation
by Pathologist
Tumor Microenvironment Annotations
by Pathologist
Pathology ML Results
by Bio-AI Algorithm
Bio-AI Use Case: TMB App Enrichment

Predict TMB Status From H&E-Stained Tissue Slides for NSCLC Adenocarcinoma

lung tissues under
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